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Online consultation via

The video consultation does not replace a visit to the practice, but represents an additional treatment option.


Costs of medical services


The medical services provided as part of the video consultation correspond to the statutory provisions and represent a statutory health insurance service, the costs of which are covered by the statutory health insurance companies.


In the case of privately insured persons, the costs will not necessarily be covered by private health insurances. This can result in costs for the patient.


Costs and benefits of the online service


The use of the service is free of charge for the patient.

Data protection


Communication between doctor and patient is authenticated and encrypted via a server located in Germany. Personal data of the patient with which the doctor communicates via the website is not accessible for the service and is of course not stored by it. Detailed information on the type and scope of data storage of personal data can be found on the website under the menu item "Data protection".


Basic condition


At the beginning of the video consultation, everyone present in the room must be introduced on both sides. Recordings of any kind are not permitted during video consultation hours.

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