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Security measure


  • All patients who are currently suffering from flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, etc.) or who have had direct contact with COVID19 patients in the last 2 weeks are not allowed to enter the practice and must first have an acute one after consulting the health department Let infection be ruled out.

  • To comply with the distance rule, we have redesigned our waiting area. With half the number of seats, we can offer a spacious waiting room.

  • Please wash and / or disinfect your hands before entering the practice and during your stay.

  • For mutual protection, all persons present in the practice must wear a nose mask correctly.

  • With regular ventilation we improve the indoor air quality and avoid aerosol concentrations.

  • If accompanying relatives are required for health reasons, we ask them to wait outside the practice until the treatment is complete. We will then be happy to call you.

Your medical care

  • Appointments and punctual appearance are still required to ensure orderly processes.

  • You can get medical prescriptions and medical referrals unbureaucratically over the phone.

We are convinced that we can continue to guarantee your medical care with all necessary examinations and treatments.

With your willingness and support you also secure our existence.

We thank you for the cooperation in this special time!

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